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Glyconutrients are the foods and nutritional supplements that provide saccharides along with other glycoforms essential to the body, but which are scarce in most diets. The eight known saccharides essential for healthy structured functioning cells are: Fucose Galactose glucose Mannose N-acetylgalactosamine N-acetylglucosamine N-acetylneuraminic acidXylose.

Our special blend, provides you with them all, in just the right amounts.

This is a combination of 8 essential glyconutrients that your cells need to communicate, is not a vitamin, mineral, herb, amino acid or exzyme. Glyconutrients are a whole new category of supplement. You might think of Glyconutrients as the operating system for your body. Glyconutrients orchestrate and play a key role in every single body function. They are the nutrient's nutrient. Why? They support your body to recognize and utilize EVERYTHING you eat - (supplements or food). And that's not all! How about getting younger? Perhaps you are one of those skeptics who believes that until you FEEL sick, you aren't sick. Sound familiar? If this is you, consider this question for a moment: Do you plan on participating in the aging process? Aging is a process. You don't just wake up one day with bad eyes, wrinkles, an ulcer, cancer or heart disease! In fact, every day our bodies are dealing with cancer, viruses, and bacteria. We ALL need glyconutrients to support optimal health, regardless of how we may feel right now. And guess what? Daily use of glyconutrients has also been shown to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increase lean body composition, and positively affect nearly all of the biomarkers of aging! In other words, if you want to stay younger longer, and feel better you'll want to add glyconutrients to your diet!